:: About US

We are the Isidore Films, based in São Paulo / Brazil.
We work with 3D/2D animation | 3D CGI and Motion Design since 1986.
Our clientele is varied, including companies like Disney Television,
Brazilian Broadcast TV, advertising agencies and small film studios.

Now, our focus is Virtual Reality.
We are developing projects based on
360 Spherical Video (monoscopic and stereoscopic)
3D Stereo and any other technology that arise.
We seek partnerships, customers and co-productions
originating from anywhere in the world.

Peterson Isidoro 

(a.k.a Isidore Petersen)
CEO | co-founder

SENSE 360:
Our first work in virtual reality is called: Sense 360.
We want to develop 10 animations in 3D stereo / 360-degree spherical video.
Animations without history, with a minimum of 120 seconds.

We want to offer the experience of diving into an unbelievable and fantastic virtual world.

Each animation a different theme:

1) A quiet day in a Roman villa in the middle of the 4th century.
2) A robot spying a city through the traffic cameras,
3) A couple watching a movie,

And more...

Join us!!